What XtremeLUX Offers Cannabis Growers:

The fruits of four years of optimization in commercial cannabis grows to combine the advantages of vintage outdoor growth with the year-long advantages of indoor growth → 20% to 30% greater yields of high-quality product per kW-hr compared to the best HPS.

Most economical system available → pay for entire system cost with increased profits in 1 to 2 growth cycles - just a few months at 6 cycles per year!

Complete growth cycle coverage:
  • Special low-cost lighting optimized for seed and clone propagation, with complete shelf sets available
  • Optimized lighting for vegging and mothers producing more root volume than CMH
  • High-output lighting for blooming with spectrum that can eliminate the need for insect control

Less vertical space required → excellent (±10%) lighting uniformity and no bleaching with as little as 10 inches between the ceiling and the top of the foliage.
Superior reliability → bound to last far beyond the 5-year guarantee.
  • No periodic bulb replacements.
  • No exploding bulbs.
  • No noisy, unreliable fans in the light sources.
  • No electrolytic capacitors dying from heat in the light sources.
  • No more burned-out ballasts.
  • Available temperature monitoring and thermal protection in every light bar.
Forbidden Fruit at day 54

Forbidden Fruit at day 54

Green light capability → see your work as never before.
  • Non-hermaphrodizing green light mode for night work.
  • Work-light modes with exceptional white-light color rendition for daytime inspection.
Factory-calibrated temperature-compensated light bars → unmatched repeatability.
Versatile program control.
  • Complete spectrum control with precise 1000-to-1 dimming of each wavelength.
  • Gradual ramp-up and ramp-down each day to prevent metabolic stress.
  • Gradual changes in DLI from day to day to eliminate transplant shock.
  • Pulse lighting capability → future-proof.
  • Rapid-sleep-induction.
  • Non-24-hour daily cycles, if desired.
  • Sensor integration → air temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, air flow rate; water pH, conductivity, and temperature; soil moisture; ambient light.
  • World-wide remote monitoring, scheduling, data collection, analysis, and control capabilities.

Wide-angle uniform full-ceiling lighting capability.
  • Mimic sunrise through sunset with a thousand suns all over the sky down to 15 degrees above the horizon.
  • Absorb light in the plants, not in the aisleways.
  • No place for a leaf to hide.
  • Maximize number of lights per room while yielding 2.5 to 3.0 pounds per light.
  • Fluence rates independent of distance from lights to foliage or of position in the room → what freedom!

Free trial with temporary system.

Compatible with solar-powered DC microgrid.
  • Improve electrical efficiency by over 10%.
  • Use electrical utility for backup, or not at all.
  • Partners supply solar panels, battery storage, and power management system.
  • Earn kudos for green energy.
Light weight → minimal use of resources.
  • Total system mass excluding cables 9.1 g/W.
  • Lighting fixture mass 7.8 g/W → half the mass of the major competing fixtures.
All customized to your needs.
Exceptional service before and after. You will know what you are getting, and you will get what you expect.

Strong roots coming out of vegging compared to CMH